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  • Lead capture page
  • Form builder
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This is everything you need to run your business if you are in coaching or consulting...

Nutritionist and Fitness instructor

Converting pages

Build converting responsive pages centered around your offerings. List your products and services, collect emails and surveys.


Connect your google calendar and start accepting appointments. We take care of conflicts checks and make sure you never get double booked again.


Connect your Stripe and start collecting payments directly from your page for your services and products.

SEO and Analytics

Show up in search engine results and learn about your visitors and what's converting them to paid clients. Get more qualified leads with analytics.

Digital products (SOON)

List your digital products like books, guides, templates, SOPs in your page and sell with 0% commission fees.

Client management(SOON)

Manage your clients and onboard new ones. Emails, file sharing, contracts and surveys all in one place.

Being in the clients business is hard enough as it is. Whether you are a executive coach, fitness instructor or tech consultant, time spent fiddling with admin work is time away from focusing on what actually matters - helping your clients and improving your service.

You try to automate these grunt work called “admin tasks” but most of the tools that can do that are

- too complex because they were designed for general purpose use
- too limiting that it can only do one or two things in your workflow
- too expensive because they were made for large businesses

So you end up duct taping a scheduling tool, a page builder, invoice generator, form builder, e-signature software with something like Zapier and hope it does not break. It's unnecessarily complicated and pricy solution. It cuts into your margin too much.

But with LinkyCal, it's all in one place, built-in, in one tab. Behind one login, you can manage your clients, schedule appointments, do your emails and your inbound marketing.
It's simple, designed in a way so that it does what it needs to do and gets out of the way.

We are building LinkyCal to help small business owners simplify their admin works and run their business easier. Stop fighting with a general purpose tools to make it to do what it is not designed for, give us a try.

No more juggling through tabs,

it's all in one place.

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Page builder

Mobile and SEO optimized pages to capture leads and accept new bookings and more. All hosted on a short url - - with built-in, GDPR compliant analytics.

Build your page
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Client management

Send your emails, jot down private notes, do surveys and send invoices all in one tab, right in your client management page. Start with high level overview and get as detailed as you want. More coming soon!

Add your clients
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Scheduling links

Custom built appointment scheduling software for coaches and consultants with built-in Stripe and Google Calendar integrations. Reduce no shows and start getting paid in 5 minutes.

Setup your schedule
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Form builder

Better qualify your leads, collect surveys and reviews from your clients with custom forms. Contracts are coming soon!

Build your free form
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Monetize your services with built-in scheduling and payments. Set them in 2 minutes and start earning money.

Monetize your services

Run by a human

LinkyCal is an indie product, run by truly yours, with the help of coaches and consultants, just like you. Being an indie product means we're not bound by corporate policies or investor demands. It allows us to be agile, to adapt quickly to changes, ship new features fast and to focus on what matters most - you and your clients. We make decisions based on what's best for you, not what's best for a board of directors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about using LinkyCal. If you have questions, please email me at [email protected]

LinkyCal is Clickfunnels alternative for coaches and consultants. It is used for sales automation and client management by experts who work with clients.

LinkyCal scheduling is the Calendly alternative for coaches and consultants and tailored for their needs. It has first class support for accepting payments, forms, signing contracts and more features that are appreciated by professionals who work with clients.

Just like LinkyCal scheduling, features for coaches and consultants are prioritized. As the Linktree alternative for coaches and consultants, we make it easy to list your products and services, testimonials, lead magnets and email capture and help you build converting pages and get out of your way.

You can think of services as event types where you can accept bookings for, except they are more tailored to be used as a intro to what you are selling.

No, we do not take any cuts from your payments. All payments are directly paid to your Stripe account.

Yes, you can get 7 day free trial on all paid plans or you can start for free with the limited free plan.

Set up in 10mins or less,
run your business easier.

Free, no credit card required.

7-day free trial. Cancel anytime with 2 clicks